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St. Paul's Primary School, Belfast

❤️ I was in our classroom today ❤️

10th Jun 2020

❤️ I was in our classroom today ❤️

I was in our classroom today P4B,
It was so cold, empty and bare.
It made me stop and wonder
How much this really isn’t fair!

I was in our classroom today 
It just did not feel the same. 
No laughter, dancing or chit chat,
No one calling my name.

I walked through our door today
With no one there to greet
No pinky shake, morning dance or fist bump.
No mess or clutter - it was too neat.

I wish I could see your smiling faces
And give you a hug or a high five.
I wish I could help you learn to add and read
And watch proudly as you strive!

I was in our classroom today. 
Not a single girl or boy. 
No chaos, no lost pencils or glue sticks
No happiness or joy.

My voice just echoes around the room
And I feel so alone in this space, 
I would give almost anything 
To open this door and see your smiling face!

I have your books and artwork ready for you
And now I’m told they are for the bin 😔 
I fondly remember all the fun and hard work 
I can’t help but feel this is a sin.

I was in our classroom today my chickens
With my rubber gloves and pretty pink mask, 
Getting the room ready for next year 
When you are no longer MY class.

And when I was finished I stood there
And thought of all the time we had shared, 
Of all we had achieved together. 
I hope you knew how much I cared! ❤️

I sit in our classroom boys & girls
At my chair, I sit and try not to cry. 
I never realised in March 
That it really was goodbye.

And in September when you return 
Some other teacher’s class you will be. 
I will not be standing at Your door
For you to hug or dance with me.

Please remember how much I cherish you 
Each and Every Single One! 
Please know that you taught me so much too
And reminded me learning could be fun.

I was in our classroom today my chickens, 
But sadly it isn’t yours anymore
There will be another class of chickens 
For me to greet at my door.

Finally I just want to say
How proud I am of all of you! 
You will be amazing in your new class
And in everything you do.

I was in my classroom today.
Love Mrs D xx